We are looking for startups with disruptive Solutions, combining Innovation and sustainability, to transform the agricuktural market

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Our program aims to identify and promote startups able to impact agriculture in Brazil and worldwide. Genova Hub, in partnership with a leading company in the vertical, is looking for innovative products and services to tackle our challenge.


The challenge

To monitor in real time the effects of nutrients and fertilizers on crops, using high performance, affordable technologies.



In addition to available water and sunlight, plants need adequate nutrients for their growth and vitality. However, excessive nutrients can result in serious damage to crops. Therefore, monitor in real-time the effects of nutrients, to validate their efficiency, as well as understand the nutritional status of plants, are essential to ensure quality and efficacy.

Who we are looking for?

We are looking for disruptive Solutions, created with a “out-of-the-box” mindset, to impact people’s lives.

To participate on Genova Agtech startups must have Solutions fit for the challenge, in the form of at least an MVP (Minimum Viable Product) developed and validated.

We will promote Innovation in agricultural technology, through selected startups, offering opportunities for entrepreneurs to offer their solutions worldwide.

What the program offers

Interaction with top specialists in Agritech

Opportunities for testing your solution with a large global player

Prospect of becoming a service provider, or even a partner, to a leading global company

Possibilities to commercialize your solution worldwide

Access to Genova’s Ecosystem of investors, clients and mentors

Global visibility for your business


Selection criteria

Fitness to the challenge

Team knowledge and experiencexperience 

Existing technology

Innovation in solution

Scalabity of solution 

Economic viability

Competitive differential

Company history

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